LHR Drilling Equipment

Auger Drive Unit

LHR is supplying Auger drives for all machine types.

Micro Excavators Drives (750Kg-2T)

Mini Excavator Drives (2T-5T)

Mid Excavators/Backhoes Drives (5T-10T)

Large Truck Cranes Drives (12T-30T)

Heavy Duty Truck Cranes Drives (30T-60T)

Mini Loaders/Tractors/Skid Steer Loaders Drives Excavator Drives (10T-20T)

Excavator Drives (20T-50T)


Dewatering, Micro piling, Street light foundation, Road signages, Poles & mast installation, Fencing, Screw piling, Post hole digging, Pipe lines

Fencing, Cable laying, Foundation laying, Poles Installation, Piling

Tree Planting, Ground preparation, Irrigation & drainage, Pump bores, Land clearance, Material handling, Hedge row maintenance


- High quality raw materials and high steel strength.
- Simple operation.
- High wear resistance.
- High drilling efficiency.
- High hardness.
- Good roundness of the cylinder.
- Long using life.

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