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Single Wall Casings

Single-Walled Casings & Accessories
For Bored Piling Construction


Pile foundation engineering; Full casing construction.


Double-Walled Casing Tube & Single-Walled Casing Tube.

Diameter Range:





Casing tube is different from temporary casing, according to its structure can be divided into single-wall casing and double-wall casing; according to length can be divided into single section 2m, 3m, 4m casing section.

Since the casing is equipped with cemented carbide cutting teeth, any soil quality can be adapted, especially when it encounters rock layers, egg layers, isolated layers and so on, so it has a wide range of uses.

Construction on soft soil foundation, because the casing will not collapse by first pressing in, so no protective measures are required.

In the connection mode of the casing, the button type male / female joint is adopted, and the number of joints varies depending on the casing diameter. This connection method is in line with international standards to ensure the versatility of domestic / international markets.



No mud discharge, truly green and environmental protection;

Solve the problem of the wall protection and drilling of the rotary drilling rig in the complex sand layer,
fluid plastic silt layer, backfill layer, pebble layer, etc .;

The guiding effect of the casing itself can be used to control the verticality of the pile;

There is no effect of mud and sediment caused by mud wall protection on the weakening of the bearing capacity of the bored pile, so that the lateral friction resistance and bearing capacity of the pile are greatly improved compared with other pile types;

Avoid the quality problems such as shrinkage, broken piles and concrete segregation that may occur in general cast-in-place piles.

The problem of hole wall collapse of the upper unstable section caused by suction and disturbance during drilling is completely avoided.

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