LHR Drilling Equipment

Bored Piling Machine

LHR is supplying New & Used piling machines for the following scope

Foundation and Ground Improvement Machines

1- Large Diameter Pile Machines (New/Used) 

2- Micro Drilling Machines (New/Used) 

LHR supply machines which are designed to ensure quick rig up, high performance, safety and reliability.

LHR piling rigs are available in CPD (Cylinder Pull Down), WPD (Winch Pull Down) versions or in 4th line pull set-up for CFA applications, depending on the customer's needs and the required drilling methodologies, which may include:

- CBP (Cased Bored Piles) bored piles with casing installation by rotary drive or optionally by hydraulic casing oscillator;

- BP (Bored Piles) uncased bored piles excavated by dry method or stabilized by fluid overpressure;

- CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles that are cast-in-place by the use of a continuous hollow auger stem;

- DP (Displacement Piles) piles installed without soil removal by advancing a special tool into the ground that causes the soil to be displaced radially and vertically;

- SM (Soil Mixing) piles constructed by mixing and partly replacing the existing soils with grout using a soil mixing tool;

- LDTH (Large DTH) piles installed with DTH method using bits of a larger diameter than standard bits;

- MP (Micropiles) installed using conventional air-flush rotary drilling.

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