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CFA Machines

LHR is supplying 30-70 Ton CFA Machines

We can convert bored piling machine with CFA Kit for Continuous Flight Auger operation. The Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) methodology is one of the most widespread methods of construction of cast-in-situ piles in a variety of ground conditions. It is particularly suited for piling in urban environments, thanks to the low impact in terms of noise and vibrations.

The process is based on the use of a long string of hollow stem augers that are initially driven into the ground with a constant penetration speed. The auger string is then slowly extracted and the concrete is simultaneously pumped through the hollow stem creating a pile that is reinforced immediately after concreting.

The LHR is supplying CFA rigs from 30 to 70 tons, which can be offered in different CFA configurations. The rigs, exclusively dedicated to CFA applications, are part of this range. Their design has been optimized to offer maximum capabilities, reaching 1000 mm diameter and 27 m depth.

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