LHR Drilling Equipment

Vibro Hammer with Power Pack

LHR is supplying Vibro Hammers & Power Pack of different capacity

LHR Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer ranges from 11.5~110 kgm, with centrifugal forces from 506~2697 kN Max. Line pulls from 249 ~800 kN. and amplitudes from 22~25mm can be selected depending on the needs of the customer to suit specific project requirement. Larger models can be supplied upon request. Most Hydraulic Vibratory Hammers are equipped with high quality hydraulic motors, bearings and 2~8 Eccentrics depending on the model. The standard frequencies of our vibratory hammers are 1500 rpm, 1600 rpm and 2000 rpm, depending on the model. A variety of other frequencies are also available upon request. Excavator mounted vibratory hammers are also available upon request and range from 20~50 tons.

LHR power packs have been designed and manufactured to optimize the hydraulic system for constant stability of the piling performance with high efficiency of operations for LHR hydraulic piling hammers, Vibro hammers, rotary heads, and other custom-made power packs.  A soundproofed frame style with a heavy steel enclosure and enough space for the inside layout enables to obtain easy access for quick maintenance and ensures the durability of the power pack. Maximum efficiency and reliability are ensured by LHR optimized hydraulic system. Equipped with reputable quality hydraulic pumps and valves. The high cooling capacity of the hydraulic system provides a stable high efficiency of hydraulic systems and together with the oversized radiator ensures no overheating problems

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