LHR Drilling Equipment

Water Well Drilling Machines

Add Your Heading LHR is supplying all types of water well & Geo Thermal Drilling machines. 

​Our range of water well and geothermal drilling rigs includes several truck-mounted units, designed to ensure maximum operational flexibility and mobility, even in the most challenging environments. LHR truck-mounted drilling rigs range from lightweight compact units installable on small 4x4 trucks, up to high weight class rigs, designed for heavy duty 8x8 trucks and delivering up to 50 tonnes pull up. Powered by the truck engine via a power take-off (PTO) or by an auxiliary hydraulic unit, the hydraulic drilling rigs are equipped with advanced modular circuits that allow each machine to be configured to meet project requirements and individual customers’ needs, adapting to the most varied ground conditions.

​Multiple set-ups are available for each model through the comprehensive choice of rotary equipment and application-specific accessories. This ensures that our drilling rigs can perform all the most commonly used water well drilling methodologies: single head rotary drilling with direct mud/, water or air circulation; reverse circulation drilling; rotary-percussive drilling with down-the-hole hammer (DTH drilling).

​The range of uses of LHR drilling rigs includes construction of wells for public, agriculture, commercial, industrial and domestic water supply, as well as repairs and deepening of existing wells. They may also be utilized for instrumentation installation for groundwater monitoring activities. ​

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