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Auger Flight & its Importance (LHR)

Auger Flight is a spiral form plate which is the main component in Auger for the transportation of material while drilling in upward direction.

Pitch of Auger flight is the distance which auger tool will turn in one revolution, more angle on the pitch more material you would displace in one turn. You can measure Pitch from the start of the flight edge to beside edge in the horizontal direction.

If your pitch is more than 1.5 times of outer diameter or less than 2/3 then it will damage the auger.

Auger flight pitch is so important because cuttings transportation with respect to distance between consecutive flights should be homogeneous to penetrate through the earth in a precise manner. You should take suggestion from manufacturer if you want to repair your augers in house. Pitch for soft soil & denser soil is always different.

If you are using auger without hard facing & bent flights then while drilling the strain will cause directly damage to your machine. It will break your Kelly bar, wear & tear of KDK plates.

It is the duty of site supervisor and operator to ask for repair, hard facing or change of auger flights timely to avoid damage of Kelly bars, KDK and machine.

Pitch for Continuous Flight Augers, Bored Piling Augers and light duty augers used with Auger drive unit is always different.

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