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There are always different types of adapters to drive the casings. LHR is manufacturing three types of casing drive adapters
1- Casing Drive Adapter for Double Wall Casing
It is connecting from one side to the Cardan joint of the machine & the other side to the Double Wall Casing segmental length.
2- Casing Drive Adapter for Normal Casing Pipe
It is connected from one side to the Cardan joint of the Piling Machine & another side with the Casing pipe which is having one groove & one hole for the pin.
3- Casing Drive Adapter for the Auger Drive Unit
It is a special type of adapter. Auger Drive Unit is mounted with the excavator then this adapter has a Female Square coupling to be connected with Auger Drive Unit & another with Auger & simultaneously to the casing. This adapter has a Female on the upper side & Male+hole+Key on the downside.
Attached is the picture for your reference. LHR can manufacture any adapter you need either from the above three types or customized designs.

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