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Foundation Drilling is also called piling. There are two types of foundation systems for the construction of buildings.
1- Shallow Foundation
2- Deep Foundation
A shallow foundation is usually applicable where high-rise buildings are not required. However Deep foundation is always required when you have to construct high-rise buildings.
LHR Drilling Equipment’s main scope of business is for Deep Foundation Drilling Projects. The first step to start deep foundation drilling is to have Soil Report. Which needs a Geotechnical Investigation Machine (LHR supplies this machine). It helps to find out the type of strata to drill. There are three main types;
1- Rock
2- Hard Soil
3- Soft Soil/Sand
LHR Supply all types of Foundation Drilling Tools to drill into different strata.
For the Drilling in Rock- Rock Auger, Rock Bucket, Rock Core Barrel, Conical Rock Auger with Bullet Bit (B47 or C31HD)
For drilling in Hard Soil- Hard Soil Auger, Hard Soil Bucket with Flat teeth (FZ80, FZ72, FZ100)
For Drilling in Sand- Soil Bucket, Soil Auger, Centrifugal Bucket with Soil Teeth (TL25, TL18)
LHR has all types of foundation drilling bits in stock for immediate delivery.

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