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Should you repair or replace your Auger?​

How to decide if you have to repair the used auger or to buy a new one. Do not worry, LHR is going to give you solution. First step is to understand and identify the main issue if Auger is not performing well. There might be several issues;

1- Drilling bits are totally worn out.

2- Auger flights are misaligned or damaged

3- Centre tube is bent

4- Teeth plate angle of attack is changed while drilling

5- Kelly box holes are wide

6- Kelly bar or adapter are not eccentric

7- Age of the Auger etc Rule of Thumb for repairing or replacing it with new auger?

If repairing cost is 50% of the new auger cost then you should likely to go for new auger or If damage is from more than two of the places especially centre tube or flights, wise decision is to go for new tool. Also keep in mind the age of auger. You should repair it by yourself or the manufacturer? If you have enough knowledge to repair or make new auger then you can do it by yourself. We can supply you auger flights & consumable for your in house repairs as well. However most of the individuals are not qualified and it may cause bad rebuild and worst performance on the site. LHR drilling equipment is the professional manufacturer and welcome you to send your auger for repairing or to have further suggestions either to repair or manufacture new one. You are welcome to contact us at info@lhrdrillingequipment.com or call one of our representative. www.lhrdrillingequipment.com

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